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Principal’s Welcome

A Message from Lea Ann Boswell

Principal, Fairmont Elementary

Hello and thank you for perusing the Fairmont Elementary website. I hope you find it informative in keeping up with the latest news and activities at Fairmont and helpful to assist with exciting and enriching links to websites. We are proud of this website and hope you continue to benefit from it.

It is a great honor to oversee Fairmont Elementary and its 825 students. We have a large faculty committed to providing an excellent education to our students. They implement a variety of research based strategies and differentiated activities in conjunction with a rigorous curriculum and high expectations to ensure the needs of all students are met. As a faculty we understand that learning must be meaningful and relevant for our students and pledge to ensure that is achieved on a daily basis. 

In addition to academic endeavors, we want our students to feel a sense of community within our school. We work to instill the idea that each and every one of us has something to contribute and is valued and respected. Our faculty and students both are continually collaborating and evolving into truly being our best. 

We realize that as educators we cannot achieve this alone. It is my hope and desire that we can develop a close partnership with our parents. We know that each and every child represented at this school comes from a home that feels they are sending us their most precious gift. We cherish that gift and extend an invitation to families to be an active part of the education process and the success of this school.

Naturally, instruction, accountability, and student success are my priority. However, I realize there are many aspects to school. That being said, if you have any questions regarding curriculum, instruction, school policies, or you would simply like to visit, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I believe it is vital to the success of your child that we work in partnership at Fairmont Elementary.

Fairmont Elementary Vision:

Through quality instruction with a high level of rigor and real world relevance, we will nurture a desire within our students to become life-long learners who will meet the challenges of the 21st century, as well as productive, caring citizens in our community and the world.